An Automotive Worker Trolled His Friend Right After Becoming An Ontario Lottery Winner

"I don't know about you, but I am!"

Ontario lottery winner Christopher Leggatt.

Ontario lottery winner Christopher Leggatt.

An Ontario lottery winner dished out the comeback of a lifetime after a co-worker teased them at the perfect moment.

According to OLG, Schomberg resident Chris Leggatt won an incredible $70,828.60 after scoring the second place prize in the August 2, 2022, Lotto Max draw.

The automotive worker, who's been buying lotto tickets for 20 years, opened up about the life-changing moment while collecting his winnings at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto.

The 46-year-old discovered good fortune after finding the ticket in his car's cup holder and checking it via the OLG App.

Thankfully, he wasn't alone when he heard the good news, leading to a hilarious interaction between him and a co-worker.

"My colleague heard the Big Winner sound and said, 'Are we rich?' I showed him the screen and said, 'I don't know about you, but I am!'" Chris joked.

Leggatt shared the news with his manager when he got to work and treated everyone to coffee the next day.

As for what he plans to do with his winnings? The father says he'll use the winnings towards renovations and a beach getaway come winter.

"I felt disbelief at first, but it feels official now that I'm receiving the cheque," Chris concluded.

If you recently became a big lotto winner, $50,000 or more, and want to tell your story, OLG invites you to book an in-person appointment at its Prize Centre in Toronto by calling 1-800-387-0098.

If you or someone you know is struggling with problem gambling, refer to these helplines across Canada. Support is available.

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