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Ontario Lottery Winner Called His Boss As Soon As He Won To Say 'I Will Be Late For Work'

His boss was literally his first call. 👀

Toronto Associate Editor
Ontario Lottery Winner Called His Boss As Soon As He Won To Say 'I Will Be Late For Work'

Who would you call first after hearing some good news? Well, this Ontario lottery winner decided to hit up his boss as soon as he found out he'd won some serious cash.

Noah Fanor, a 22-year-old transportation worker, scored a $700,000 prize with an Instant Supreme 7 ticket. While his favourite lotto games to play are usually Lotto Max, Lottario and Lotto 6/49, this Mississauga resident told the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto that he opted for Instant Supreme 7 because it was the last ticket on the shelf when he was getting his car washed.

"I saw all the zeroes and my heart dropped. I was in so much disbelief I wasn't even thinking. I had to take a deep breath," Fanor said as he recalled the feeling when he checked his ticket at the store the next day.

Of all the people he could have hit up to share the good news, Fanor rang up his boss first.

"I told him I won the lottery, and I will be late for work," Fanor said, who added that he then called his family to tell them about his recent winnings.

"I did a happy dance with my brothers and then again at work with my boss!" he added.

With his hefty earnings, Fanor plans to pay off his student loan and some bills, plan a vacation with his family and buy a house.

One lotto winner first celebrated his good news with complete strangers

Back in October, Eugene Fradsham, a 64-year-old grandfather from Bolton, won $250,000 with an Instant Hit It Big prize.

As soon as he took in all of the extra zeros at the end of his winning ticket, everyone in the store gave Fradsham a socially distanced high five to congratulate him.

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